US legal free online poker games for cash

Posted on July 25, 2019Comments Off on US legal free online poker games for cash

It seems that for US based poker players the concept of risk free online poker games is now more than just not risking losing money when playing poker.

Indeed, with the shocking closures of top US online poker sites Full Tilt, Pokerstars and Absolute Poker for “fraud and money laundering” risk free poker has now come to mean not having your money frozen by the feds as “evidence“ – To  make a gross understatement, we live in fascinating times.

This poker player would have hoped that what with all that is going on in the world and the state of the economy that they’d have had better things to do than this…not to mention, while on the subject of fraud and money laundering…all those bankers who got away with losing billions on dodgy scams in 2008-9…anyway, enough of that axe sharpening and on with the tale.

So yes, the shutdown of Full Tilt, Pokerstars and Absolute Poker by the FBI, on the supposed grounds of fraud and money laundering has effectively shut down the US online poker industry. yes you can still find sites but for the time being do you really want to deposit possibly thousands of Dollars with a site that might get closed down tomorrow?

As a result thousands of US based online poker players are questioning if it is safe to play any sort of online poker.

While it is too early to be certain it seems that this move represents the next step in the US legal systems online gaming restriction effort and those sites still operating under any sort of cash model be in deposit or subscription are now urgently reviewing their legal status and options as players withdraw their funds in case they too are frozen.

So is it safe for US players tio go back into the water?

Yes – at NoPayPOKER it is and it seems the players agree as since the shutdowns daily new member sign ups have tripled.

With a 100% USA legal poker business model NoPayPOKER is immune to the vagaries of the US online gaming laws and we hope to welcome many more disenfranchised USA players.

Before the moaners start – yes we know you can’t win so much here – but you can win a bit of real money at no risk (no risk of ANY type),  hell that’s why we won’t get shut down, and oh, while you can’t win so much you can lose absoluetly NOTHINGas you cannot deposit even a cent with NoPay.

All our revenue comes from you guys doing ads and offers which in turn fuels the FreeD payouts (so get clicking on them offers please, it means more FreeD to go round)

In addition, you can, if you so wish/risk, convert your FreeD into money to use on one of our partner money poker sites (Feltstars still operate cash poker for US citizens) and non US members have yet more options open with Titan Poker and PartyPoker.

Though to be frank what we suggest above all is to use NopayPOKER as a place to learn how to play poker online really well and use it as a springboard into the world of real live poker games where you won’t get beaten up by all the cheats you find on money sites (the colluders, bots and RNG squad)

Indeed, many top online US pros have already been quoted as saying they will now be looking to play live poker instead.